Blogging is basically journalizing publicly. Though it is not always about a “dear diary” moment, you are always open to your thoughts. It can be a productive and entertaining hobby for once instead of being another guilty pleasure.

1. Express yourself (anonymously):

With blogs, you can pour your heart out, and the best part is you can also do it anonymously. You can write about stuff that you’re not okay to talk about. Blogs help you express yourself in a factual way.

2. Build your brand online:

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow your brands. Blogging sites are so much in right now. You can make your blogging website a marketing way for your offline. It helps you create brand awareness, drive traffic to your business, and earn sales.

3. Make money:

What better ways to earn money rather than just typing out your opinions? Blogging can also be a great passive income if not an active income. You can make money by placing ads through Google AdSense, write sponsored reviews, and/or become an affiliate to promote products and services.

4. Help others:

Now you have a way to make money meaningfully. With your detailed blog, you have access to help thousands if not millions.

5. Gain knowledge (Get opinions)

Be it discovering a new vocab or reading the entire Wikipedia on something, you always learn things while blogging. It helps you grow your vocabulary, you read so much to make sure your blog is top-notch. With people commenting down on your posts you can also understand and be amazed at other bloggers’ opinions and there’s so much growth potential in just your blog’s comment section.

6. Be an author:

Ever want to write a book? Follow the steps of Justin Hall, a writer of more than 10 books on spy thrillers. Start a blog to grow your audience and to make your book a “Best Seller”. A blog site will help you understand your audience better and make you a better writer.

7. Stress relief/Free therapy:

The supreme reason to blog is- you can do it from anywhere. You do not need to have a stressful, full-time, nerdy job once your blogs start growing. You can blog while in the middle of a road trip or after an intense super-bowl session.

8. Productive “wasting time on social media”:

A blog site will consume most of your time on social media. Now you will have profitable social media. You can actually give an excuse to your parents, friends, and loved ones a perfect, productive reason for you being on social media.

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